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Why We Split The Holidays

Why We Split Our Holidays PioneerMomma.comThe holidays are here, and that means stress, hours of cooking, menu planning, seating arrangements, clean up, and more.  But, only for one of us (wait, what??).  You heard right.

About three years ago, Hubby and I were frantically trying to arrange Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Our plans were overlapping and running into each other, and nobody was on the same page.  I was a giant stress ball of not-so-much-fun.  Not only was it hard to figure out who would win out on turkey vs. ham, I also have to work every Thanksgiving, which means my day needs to end at about 5pm.  Most families are just starting their dinner then!  The situation ended up to where Hubby did most of the planning for Thanksgiving, and because I wasn’t working on Christmas, I took charge of that one.  You know what?  It worked out great!  So well that we did it the next year, too!

Now don’t get me wrong.  I love to cook, and make 95% of the meals my family eats.  I also love to plan big holiday dinners.  But who was I to say no to a stress free Thanksgiving??  I do contribute a dish or two, and of course help to clean up when I come home the next morning, but it makes a world of difference by taking the obligation off.  It’s nice to know that our family will have a nice holiday dinner experience, and we each only have to worry about one of them.

My sisters totally don’t understand.  One of them says that I should be cooking and planning EVERY holiday, and I am wrong in passing off responsibility to someone who works and goes to school.  Well, wouldn’t you take into account that Hubby’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving anyway, and mine is Christmas?  That he has the days around Thanksgiving off as I do for Christmas?  That he is completely willing and excited each year for “his” holiday?  I would.  And I do.  I love that we split our holidays.  It makes for a calm and happy season, and everyone gets what they want.  Plus, I get to show off any new recipes or décor ideas I like for “my holiday” :-)

Does your family split the holidays?  What is your tradition?  Would you ever try this?  I’d love to hear about it!

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