Trading the city life for the simple life.

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Pioneer Momma
Pioneer Momma

Meet Our Family

BubbaLet’s get acquainted….

Hi there!  I’m Ashley, otherwise known as Pioneer Momma :-)  I love to craft, bake, dance, camp, and random dance.  (Learn more about me here) Our little family consists of Hubby, my son Bubba (btw that’s just a nickname), and myself.  I am a part time nurse and Hubby works for a medical supply company.  We currently live in the suburbs of Southern California, are accustomed to buying many things from the grocery store, and seeing a city bus drive by is a regular occurrence.  Now.  I motioned for change….

Part of my childhood was spent in the woods.  Or at least nearby.  I went swimming, fishing, and exploring on a daily basis.  It was second nature, and as an adult, I realize I didn’t know how well I had it!  Life was simpler.  Granted, we still didn’t garden or have a farm, but I spent lots of times helping my friends milk the family goats and cows before they could go out that night.  Everything was green and beautiful.  Everything was simpler.  My family wants that.

We decided officially this year to make those changes.  We are moving to a homestead, where we plan to be mostly self sufficient, and grow old and pass down everything to our kids and grandkids.  Not only do we want this for our lives to be less congested, and for our future family members, we also need this for my son.

My beautiful little boy is in elementary school, and he is the most creative, brutally honest, and hysterical kid I know.  He also has mental illness and is on the autism spectrum.  In the past two years alone, we have dealt with 3 schools (including homeschooling), hospitalizations, IEP initiation, and more therapy and specialist appointments than I can count.  He is such a trooper, and is coming along like a star.  He has so much anxiety and needs a set routine, that it is very difficult to try and avoid stressors or triggers in our daily lives.  I really feel (and his therapist) that moving to a small homestead where he can do the things he loves, like take care of animals and garden, will be the best for him.  Not to mention all the space to just run around!  Making and growing our own food will help tremendously with the gluten free, organic diet he eats.  No GMOs!  We do this now (with the occasional “guilty pleasure” recipe), but it really pulls at the wallet in the city.

Because we want to do this the right way, and move into our “forever house”, we are spending the next few years planning and preparing, so we can move as soon as Bubba is done with middle school (he is doing SUPER at the school he is at!).  That way, we have plenty of time to learn the ropes, and save up enough money for our new home.  Oh, and Hubby and I will be getting officially married and having another baby before we move.  Not too crazy, right? :-)  Hubby just started going back to school, which will end in a great career for him, and help provide for our whole family.

We have so much to learn and plan for, and we started this blog to not only record a personal record of our journey, but to share with anyone else what we come up with.  Whether it be recipes, projects, therapies, or even major fails, we want to remember it all.  I love taking care of my family, and look forward to when we are able to be self sufficient in our own piece of the world. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you will stay and share this journey with us!


10 Responses to Meet Our Family

  • Thanks for sharing :)

  • You are truly awesome parents and inspiring!

    My hubby and 2 boys live in the hustle and bustle of the more city life and we just purchased land, where we grew up. I cannot wait till we can let our boys spread their wings and slow down in life on our 5 acres. Our new neighbors will be corn fields. We want to get away from the more is better concept and go for the make the most with what you have concept.

    Best wishes to you on your new journey!

    • Thank you so much! “Spreading wings” is exactly what we want to do. I am so excited for the change. It sounds like y’all are in for quite a journey as well! I wish you the best of luck and hope you find it as fulfilling as we hope to :-)

  • Wow! What an awesome Mom you are! I have a similar situation – younger child with same profile and she’s a girl so it’s a little different but generally the same parenting ups and downs I’d imagine. So funny to find you through the #UBP14 – we have often thought of moving out of our very urban environment with all of its triggers for our little one. We also have a typical son who would likely benefit from more room to run free. I look forward to following your journey – maybe we won’t be too far behind:)

    • I am so super late replying to this, I’m sorry! The triggers are a huge reason for making the move and lifestyle change. I really want my son to grow up happy and as relaxed as possible. My favorite place growing up was living around the farms. Like you said, so much more room to run free! Thanks so much for stopping by and checking us out :-)

  • Hi Ashley. I am 53 and have been married for 35 years, have 2 grown kids and now 5 grandkids. You are going to be doing something my husband and myself wanted to do many years ago, when our kids were small, but never seemed to be able to do. We live in Virginia, which the area I am in was more rural than anything, but the area keeps wanting to grow and expand and more and more, factories have started moving in, the crime rate has started to rise, you name it with all the things that goes along with the “bigger and better” that people seem to think they need. I commend you and your family for being able to plan, prepare, and follow through with your dreams, Good Luck to you and hope you will keep everyone updated with posts and let us all know about your successes.

    • Thank you so much, Linda! I really do wish more people today can see that the whole “bigger is better” idea isn’t always what is best for everyone. A lot of places I used to visit as a kid aren’t really as family-friendly as they used to be. I can’t wait for our big move, and have definitely been learning that patience is a virtue if we want it done right (which I originally had none of)! I do hope that your area calms down and you get to keep the more rural living aspects. Thanks for stopping by, and I will definitely keep everyone updated :-)

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